Empowering Educators:
Cultivate wellness,
inspire excellence

Learn how your educators feel through daily check-ins and get the insights you need to increase employee well-being, build a better setting culture and improve outcomes for children.

Communication - Prevention - Retention.

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Communication barriers


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How Does It Work?

Quick & easy set up

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Sign In

Educators register for a personal account on Edufeel.

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Check In

Educators submit a daily check-in and reason.

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Consultation forms

Send educators forms and questionnaires straight to their phone, for more detailed emotional data.

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Manage your educator
records & statistics

Each educator has their own profile and data analytics where managers can view, assess and respond to early indicators of mental health decline.

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Individual employee analytics

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Manage staff profile

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View responses

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List of completed forms

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Target support

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Schedule well-being meetings

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Mental health questionnaires

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Easy to use

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100% secure platform

Whole Setting Overview

Use the main dashboard for an overview of issues arising in your setting, based on the real-time emotional data of your educators. The dashboard highlights quickly and clearly your main areas for concern, i.e. relationship problems, work related stress, home life difficulties etc so managers can apply targeted support to effectively improve work place culture.

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Broadcast notifications
& announcements to your educators

Broadcast notifications to your whole team with important information, well-being hints & tips, positive messages and encouragement. You can also send your whole team the well-being questionnaire to see how each term is going for your educators.

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What do our educators think?

Edufeel means no one goes under the radar and everyones mental health is a priority


Edufeel and the daily check-in has revolutionised our workplace culture. Communication has improved, understanding and empathy has flourished and individual team members are now thriving more than ever with consistent, targeted support.


Setting Manager


This platform has been really beneficial to my working life and brings so much comfort to me with sharing how I am feeling when I don’t have the confidence to talk about it.


Room Lead


Edufeel is essential to opening up conversations around mental health where staff can pull on each other for support, ultimately creating a sense of togetherness. I recommend every setting to adopt and implement Edufeel within their workplace, I don’t understand how we ever existed without it.


Deputy Manager